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Marsh Pegs & Nets Ltd

699 Dunrobin Drive

Kamloops, BC, Canada, V1S 1W2

Phone: 250 851-2750, Fax: 250 851-2751

Marsh Flexible Goal Pegs: a deceptively simple, but

amazingly effective goal anchoring system.

Marsh Pegs are made in Canada.   All pegs are extensively tested before shipping.

Fred J Marsh

The design and material of the Marsh Pegs give them a flexibility that allows the net to move when jostled but remain on the pegs during regular play. 

The pegs will bend when the net is bumped, then return to their original position.      

Upon strong impact, such as a player crashing into the net, the net will pop off the pegs and prevent injury to the player. 

The nets can be replaced in seconds.


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